Our property investments offer you the perfect investment opportunity. To find out how investing in property with Sherwood Homes can help you, please take a look at the benefits below and contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the page to make an enquiry and find out more.


Rental Income
Guaranteed rental income of 7% per annum for up to 3 years.

Return of Investment
Overall return of investment up to 14% per annum*.

Inherit Demand
Massive inherit demand for renting property.

Landlord Maintenance
Full landlord maintenance package included.

Inflation Proof
Inflation proof investment.

Low Deposit
Low deposit options (reserve today for only £250).

Free Management
Free management of your property. Completely passive investment.

Further Returns
Massive further returns – as the value of your house increases.

Easy Mortgages
Easy buy-to-let mortgages available. Access to exclusive low interest rates.

Northwest Availability
Homes available throughout the Northwest.


Enquire about Investments

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